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Digital Durian (DD) is a leading animation company with over 10 years experience in creating meaningful content, and making a difference in the world of parents and children.

The creator of Malaysia’s most loved preschool animation​​

Fun Musical Edutainment For Kids

In 2014, an ‘ayam serama’ sketch has inspired the animal-figured main characters of Didi & Friends. We started this cartoon with a goal to give edutainment experience for preschool children through Science Exploration theme.

After some challenges and innovations has been done, Didi & Friends has changed it’s direction to giving values and educational content through musical songs.

As of today, Didi & Friends is going internationally and has been translated into 7 languages (Bahasa Malaysia, English, Tamil, Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese). In Youtube, we have reached 3.6 billion views and 5.58 million subscribers. Our fans in Instagram and Facebook is also growing up to 428k  and 594k followers which is important for us to make more people happy through our content.

Islamic Cartoon For Young Children.

Over the years, our fans gave some feedback on how Malaysia is lacking of Islamic cartoon contents. In 2016, we have created the character of Omar & Hana which emphasizes the Islamic, moral, and family values through magical and fun experiences with their parents, teachers, friends, neighbours and sometimes, famous Muslim personalities. 
 Omar & Hana has grown rapidly in local and international market in 3 years. The series and songs has been translated into 5 languages (Bahasa Malaysia, English, Indonesia, Arabic and Urdu). In Youtube, we have reached 2 billion views and 4.3 million subscribers.  Our fanbase is also growing on Instagram and Facebook with 188k and 124k followers. Let’s join our journey in spreading smiles and meaningful entertainment to children all over the world.

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