Digital Durian creates values for the society through edutainment content.

The most important part of learning is having fun! We strive for transformational education for preschool children through animation. We teach beyond ABC and 123, but we are also focusing on morals and way of living.

What we do

Our Journey

"We hope to deliver happiness beyond our fans, but also to our team and their families, our partners and licensees. We are a strong believer in Win-Win-Win!"
vision & Mission

Dream Big

 To be a world-class animation company by 2025, making a difference to the world.

To make people happy through quality, fun and meaningful content.

DD Core Values

At Digital Durian, the culture is driven by the people. We focus on aligning the aspirational goals of the company and our team. We listen and we take actions. 



Go Beyond Expectations!​

We take ownership of our responsibility. We are building       A-team player who are thriving for excellence and creating impacts.  It is not about individual achievement but creating wow moments require a joint responsibility. 


It's a Journey, Celebrate Wins and Create Moments ​

Nobody remember the day-to-day checklist they are able to tick. We create moments to make people remember the feeling of achievement, joy, fun and happiness they experience. We appreciate small wins because we believe that it is the accumulation of it that creates BIG WINS.




Share honest feedback, Deliver with Respect, Listen with Trust, and Grow Together​

We believe that relationship is build upon trust and honesty. It is important to be open in discussion and accepting feedback positively. They key to this value is the message must be delivered with respect with the aim to grow as a team. 

Dream Big

Be Aspirational, Be Creative, and Drive Innovation and Change​

The impossible begins with a dream. Everyone in Digital Durian must do an Aspirational Goal to develop deep thinking of their life purpose and we will align with company goals to achieve happiness for both party.




Make It Happen, Be Professional, and Togetherness​

We come together as a team to take Digital Durian to a stage where Digital Durian’s and its team members aspirational goals are fulfilled. Win-Win-Win is a joint responsibility, not an opportunity to be in the comfort zone and expect the company to empower your career and financial growth without your contribution.


Be proud of what you do. Know your value and impact

We believe that every little effort counts. You matters. You should be proud of the work you presented and you can give an impact in any area of work you are doing.


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